Contact Insertion/Extraction Tools Cross Reference Table

Note: Part numbers in blue text correspond to Aiconics stock items.

Part NumbersSuperseded Part Numbers
M81969/1-01 MS3156-22  
M81969/1-02 MS3156-20 M24308/18-2
M81969/1-03 MS3156-16 M24308/18-3
M81969/1-04   M24308/18-1
M81969/14-01 MS27534-22D  
M81969/14-02 MS27534-20 MS3447-20
M81969/14-03 MS27534-16 MS3447-16
M81969/14-04 MS27534-12 MS3447-12
M81969/14-06 MS3165-8 M81969/29-02
M81969/14-07 MS3165-4 M81969/29-03
M81969/14-08 MS3165-0 M81969/29-04
M81969/14-10   M81969/14-02
M81969/14-11   M81969/14-02
M81969/16-01 MS3160-20  
M81969/16-02 MS3160-16  
M81969/16-03 MS3160-12  
M81969/16-04 MS3160-22  
M81969/39-01 MS18278-1  

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